Wall vent TL100DE

Fresh air vent fully loaded with technology, design and function. With telescopic function, condensation protection and stormproofing. Can also be painted.
  • Can be wallpapered or painted
  • High comfort – Effective condensation protection
  • Telescopic function 185–340 mm
  • Stormproofing creates good comfort and saves energy
  • Available with noise reduction


Fresh fresh air vents can be installed in bedrooms and family rooms
A rule of thumb to ensure the right number of vents is one in each bedroom and two in the family room. In some cases, it is a good idea to increase the number of vents, e.g. if several people sleep in the same bedroom or if the total living space is larger than usual.

The Fresh TL DE series are stylish wall vents the seem to disappear into the decor. They are fully loaded with technology, design and function. TL DE comes with condensation protection and stormproofing as standard. Can also be painted. The vent has a telescopic function 185–340 mm. For thicker walls, extend with a module pipe.

The vent is positioned high up on the wall, approximately 220 cm from the floor of with the top edge of the vent at least 10 cm from the ceiling.
The vent is excellent for use with underfloor heating.
If possible the vent should be positioned straight over the radiator. The rising heat from the radiator is then used in what is known as a convection current.

Comfortable air distribution
The distribution pattern of the air has been carefully designed. The vent releases air upwards and to the sides. The air from outside is mixed very efficiently with the room air. The incoming air reaches a comfortable temperature just a few decimetres from the vent.

Stormproofing saves energy
Regardless of the wind or weather, the stormproofing decelerates high air currents, contributing to lower heating costs compared to a traditional vent. The stormproofing creates good comfort in the room and reduces the risk of draughts.

Filters and care
Maintain good indoor air quality by performing filter maintenance and replacement regularly.
To ensure good air quality and maintained flow, the filter should be cleaned or replaced one or two times a year.
The standard filter can be washed in a mild soap solution.
The pollen filter and flimmer filter must be replaced. The filter is installed in a filter holder behind the front. The front can be easily opened to access the filter holder.
When you use a flimmer filter, the filter holder must also be replaced. In addition, it cannot be combined with stormproofing.
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  • Articlenumber
  • Material
  • Width (mm)
  • Depth (mm)
  • Height (mm)
  • Installation type
    Exterior wall
  • Productname
    Wall vent TL100DE
  • Functions
    Condensation protection, Filter, Stormprotection
  • Plastic material detail
    ABS, PP
  • EtimCode
  • EAN 13