Wall vent F100 dB Thermo

  • Thermostat controlled
  • Condensation protection
  • Basic flow
  • Complete accessories series


Supply air vent for wall mounting. When delivered as an assembly, the vent comes with a lead-through and exterior wall grille. The lead-through consists of a sound-absorbent pipe and an external grille with adapter and cover plate to hide the large holes required (150 mm).

The sound-absorbent pipe can be easily cut to the right length using a standard knife. The standard pipe length is 400 mm. Longer pipes can be ordered separately.

Internal vent part
The internal vent part is equipped with a filter and a cover with condensation protection. The cover also works as a shutter and is controlled with a thermostat.

The vent should be positioned high up on the wall. If there is a radiator, it is best to try to position the vent above this.

With this positioning, you utilise the convection flow and achieve the best comfort level.
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    Wall vent F100 dB Thermo
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