Wall vent F80 white


Supply air vent for wall mounting. Used with natural circulation and exhaust air system. When delivered as an assembly, the vent comes with a lead-through and external grille. The lead-through consists of two 150 mm module pipes that can be connected in series by means of press fitting. The vent adapter and the adapter (ring) of the external grille fit inside the module pipes.

Internal vent part:
The internal vent part is equipped with a filter and a cover with condensation protection. The cover also works as a shutter and is controlled by means of a pull cord (open and closed position). Basic flow is set by adjusting the cover from the closed position by means of an adjuster nut in the cover. The distribution pattern can be changed by installing an air deflector (accessory). Different filter options are also available for the vent. In addition to the standard filter, there is also a pollen filter (EU4).

The vent should be positioned high up on the wall. If there is a radiator, it is best to try to position the vent above this. With this positioning, you utilise the convection flow and achieve the best comfort level.
With underfloor heating, the vent should be supplemented with an air deflector (accessory) that directs the air upwards and to the sides for better mixture with the room air.
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    Wall vent F80 white
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  • EAN 13